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When families are stakeholders in students’ education, there’s a positive impact on student success.

Higher Education Matters

In fact, it can be the bridge your student needs to get from high school graduation to the future they want. College continues to be a proven way to move up the socio-economic ladder. People with college degrees are more likely to have a job, earn more money, and tend to be more satisfied with their job than those without college degrees. And research shows a postsecondary degree is also associated with positive health outcomes and a longer life.


Family Involvement is Directly Tied to Academic Achievement

Children whose families take an active role in their children’s education—even if that merely means communicating that school matters—have better academic performance than children with less engaged families. At our village, we understand that college is not every student's destiny. Our team of educators works with students to personalize a path that makes sense for the entire family. We hope to aid in helping students overcome barriers to academic success.


Why is Family Involvement Necessary?

  • Efficacy. Knowing you can impact your student's achievements, you can foster an environment where they begin to believe in their abilities. 

  • Support. Research shows students perform better when they feel support from their families, the communities which they live, and the school. 

  • Direction. Your support lays the foundation for directing students to a promising pathway. Encourage your students to join challenging courses, study, volunteer, and plan for the future. 

  • Expectations. High aspirations promotes students to work hard in achieving what is expected of them. 


"The most accurate predictors of student achievement in school are not family income or social status, but the extent to which the family creates a home environment that encourages learning, communicates high yet reasonable expectations for the child’s achievement, and becomes involved in the child’s education at school."


My student increased 1 point in science, 3 points in reading, and 1 point on their composite score. All of that came from one reading and science class.

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