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A Community Focused On Readiness & Success

Because we know students—especially those who are first in their families to attend college—may face barriers completing postsecondary education, we mobilize a community of local educators to support students in a holistic way.

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our village team


Dr. Monisha Moore,

K-5th Grade Tutor

With a background in Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Dr. Moore connects to students by including the students' home lives in the learning and by putting relationships ahead of rigor. She takes great pride in the positive impact educators make in the lives of students and families.


Dr. Kristian Douglas,

ELL Programming, Academic Advising

With a background in traditional classroom education and extensive immersion into various cultures,  Kristian is a huge part of our success in helping our students reach their full linguistic potential.


Melissa Dutton

English Language Arts/ACT Prep

Mrs. Dutton sees tutoring as more of a mentoring process, with the understanding that clear communication and personal connection are just as important to student success as is access to proper learning materials.


Melissa Thompson

Math Instructor/ACT Prep

Mrs. Thompson teaches with exemplary interpersonal skills. Her students know that she genuinely cares about them and their success both inside and outside the classroom.


Dionne Nelson

K-2nd Grade Instructor

Mrs. Nelson sees teaching as her life's work. She connects with students by encouraging them through positive affirmations and takes care to meet each student at their point of need.


Shannon Freeman

Counselor/Academic Advisor

Mrs. Freeman works tirelessly to prepare students for college financially, academically, and socially. She provides guidance to students through high school and continues to work with them as they transition from college to the work force.


Janice Wood


With years of experience as a school counselor, Ms. Wood is uniquely able to assist students as they make college and career choices through identifying the student's personal interests and strengths.


Kendra Dove

Science Instructor

Ms. Dove is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of her students. Although she is a pharmacist by trade she has taken time off to enjoy teaching as she raises her daughter.

Community Resources

We understand that every student deserves a quality educational experience. Our aim is to better ensure equity in education through mentoring and tuition assistance. 

Paid Student Interns (Starting at $12/hr)

Paid interns that are 19 years and older & have a passion for teaching and learning will be mentored by the master teachers at our village. If this is you, we invite you to join us!

1. Download and complete the application via the link below.

2. Email it back to us at

Registration & Tuition Vouchers for Students in Need

We believe that all students deserve a quality education regardless of their ability to pay. If your student has a need for services, email We will work with you to help ensure your student's success. 

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